I have done pretty well so far at avoiding cravings. I have a candy jar on my desk and don’t have the urge to eat it. I can go to a restaurant and have no problem not eating the bread (can’t say the same for my hubby.)


(About 2 weeks ago, dinner out at Outback Steakhouse)

The trouble is, my dart league. I started as a cheerleader and occasional sub last winter on my sister’s team in her work league but have been promoted to actual team member this season, woo hoo! We play at Roddy’s in North Saint Paul. Let me tell you about Roddy’s food. Delicious, Deep fried everything and cheap drinks. Cheap drinks is key, my job is stressful. This season started in September, so we have been playing for a while – have our normal routines – our normal orders.

A normal day at darts for me is as follows:

Arrive at darts, get money from the ATM, ponder with Melissa (my sister) what we are going to share for dinner. We usually go back and forth between: chicken fingers & fries, tots & mini corndogs or a pepperoni & sausage HEGGIES pizza. (Those of you who know bar food, know that Heggies is the best.) So when we finally decide on what to eat (1 out of every 3 times, it is mini corn dogs and tots) we order the food and our drinks; vodka cranberries with a splash of sprite. Get some pull tabs and enjoy our meal!

Not anymore.

We have played twice since I started the Paleo Diet. The first time, I brought cashews. I was not fully prepared. I was very hungry but I made it through without breaking down and eating bad food. But, without the proper amount of food with me the pain from not eating pizza was strong. The second time (last night) I was smart and planned ahead. Leftover chicken apple sausages, mixed nuts (no peanuts of course), grapes and blueberries. I even packed a spinach salad! I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing.

When we got to the bar and walked up to the dart section, that changed. There was Amy and T, sitting happily eating their chicken drummies and tator tots. Do you know how much I loved tator tots? When I started drooling immediately, Amy made a comment about the pizza they had on the way. I thought it was a mean joke. I went to go get my “mostly” paleo drink – vodka club soda with lime – and when I got back to the table, sure enough…. there was a delicious, cheesy, partly burnt/cripsy pizza. Now, the table contained my three FAVORITE things at Roddy’s.


I used the desire to eat bad food as fuel to play harder and managed to get my highest number of points in one turn ever – 137 (too bad I busted on that throw.) And I am happy to say that I stuck to the food I brought and said no to the delicious pizza that was offered to me. I even managed to be polite when one of the players on the opposing team made a comment along the lines of “what are you on the nut diet?”, When I responded with “I’m on the paleo diet,” she responded by saying, “WHY?!? YOU ARE CRAZY, YOU DON’T NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!.” So then of course, I tried to explain that healthy living doesn’t have to do anything with weight and I am doing this to be healthier overall. Today, I will take the compliment about my size and meanwhile, continue to live my life in the happiest and healthiest way.

(Side Note: I know this dear woman didn’t mean anything bad by saying it and rest assured, I got all my frustrations out with Wednesday’s post. I think that people actually think they are complimenting me when they judge me and question my reasoning for eating the way I do. I can’t fault her, she is a good lady. Healthy is the way to be.)

Here is the thing. Temptations are TEMPORARY! Remember that.

After just a couple of days of eating different, I craved less and less sugar. I went from starting my day with a Monster Energy drink and then following it up with 2-3 sodas to now starting my day with one smaller than average cup of coffee and drinking nothing but water the rest of the day. Okay, you caught me – sometimes my days include vodka or white wine. But, the important thing is that I can look at a diet coke and I don’t even want to drink it. I can look at a piece of chocolate cake and yes, maybe for a split second I want to eat it but then I think how great this diet has been and how that piece of cake is just not worth getting off track. And then magically, the craving disappears.

A month ago, I would not have thought it was possible for me to turn around my eating. I had tried so many times before. What is different this time? I have NO idea. But it is working so I am just going to keep running with it!

Yesterday, I celebrated a huge #paleowin. One of many. You may think I am crazy. But I am healthy. I am stronger. I am happier. I am more alive. Probably even, healthier than I have ever been. And that is only three weeks in. Can’t wait to see where my body is at one year in… Better believe you will hear about it all along the way though.



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