Tuna Salad with Shells

Its officially summer in Minnesota! I know this, because it is humid as sin outside and there’s mosquitoes everywhere! Oh, you thought the summer solstice is what signals the beginning of summer? Maybe in a land without 10,000 lakes to attract 100,000 mosquitoes! But, the beginning of summer to me means its salad season! I… Continue reading Tuna Salad with Shells


5 Ingredient Breakfast Hash

Father’s day morning means a breakfast a little more “special” than my usual scrambled eggs with bacon and potatoes.  Today, its breakfast hash.  Now, you might be wondering why that’s special. I’ll tell you… Because I am TERRIBLE at cooking over easy eggs, and I hate doing it. But, my husband loves them so only… Continue reading 5 Ingredient Breakfast Hash


Pizza Meatballs

  Current obsession: all things meatballs. Don’t get the wrong idea. I still love tacos.  That love is deep. But, lately I am all about the meatballs. Stuff some veggies into a meaty ball and dip it in delicious sauce. What’s not to love?  Last week we had Thai Turkey Meatballs (so good!) and of… Continue reading Pizza Meatballs


Burrito Bowls

We love burritos. We love Chipotle, we love Burrito Loco. I have successfully made a burrito bowl meal that is comparable to our favorite Mexican joints. My husband is a burrito connoisseur. He eats Chipotle more times per week than I should admit. When he got home from work the night I made these burrito… Continue reading Burrito Bowls


{ Bean Free } White Chicken Chili and 5 other recipes!

Happy Sunday! What a lovey day it was. I slept in (I had a little bit of a hangover from last night so I skipped the gym) and then had the whole apartment to myself for the afternoon. I spent my time folding laundry, watching girly movies and you guessed it, cooking! The boys spent… Continue reading { Bean Free } White Chicken Chili and 5 other recipes!


{GF} Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup

I was hoping that I would come back from Santa Fe with loads of healthy-eating travel tips to share – but the truth is, I was way under prepared and as a result, didn’t stick to my healthy eating. I paid the price for it with a really sick belly and learned some lessons. Bring… Continue reading {GF} Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup


Sweet Potato Enchilada Chili

I am having a seriously hard time coping with how fast time is flying by. This week went by in a flash, and the weekend went even faster. Can you believe that Christmas is only 10 weeks away? I can’t either. Luckily, my husband is there constantly reminding me. I swear he starts to get… Continue reading Sweet Potato Enchilada Chili


TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL:: Teriyaki Wings AND Traditional Buffalo Wings

You know fall means? Other than boots and sweaters? It means football season. I hate football; with all my heart. Sorry, America. I will spare you all the long, slighty crazy reasons behind my hatred of the game. But what I do like about the season is the excuse to see friends and eat snacks.… Continue reading TWO FOR ONE SPECIAL:: Teriyaki Wings AND Traditional Buffalo Wings


Spicy Lime Chicken

You know what’s absurd? Waking up at 6:15am for work. I used to think I would like to be the type of person that was able to wake up, go for a jog, make breakfast, eat breakfast, check e-mails, take a shower, go run an errand, then go to work. I hear those people are… Continue reading Spicy Lime Chicken


Breakfast Muffins

I don’t know why I never thought to try these sooner, they are phenom. Easy, microwavable, perfectly portioned, quick and last but not least, tasty! These will definitely be a staple. Seriously, so easy to make that they probably don’t even require a recipe but I am going to share it anyway. Even though there… Continue reading Breakfast Muffins