Today on the Tread

I switched up the scenery today. Usually I work out at the gym upstairs in our apartment building. (I say usually as if I have been doing it for years, nope it is a new habit!) Being a one car family and having a dentist appointment this morning, meant that I had to pick up… Continue reading Today on the Tread


Day 6 and 7: I’m in heaven.

So in an effort to catch up with real-time, I am going to try posting more than one day at once. Here goes nothing. Day 6: Friday I worked three 11+ hour days in a row last week so I decided to be a rebel and leave work at 4pm on Friday. (I don’t know… Continue reading Day 6 and 7: I’m in heaven.


Day 3: Temptation

I'm a bit late on writing this. Yesterday was a long day at work and then a night filled with frights and fears at the Trail of Terror. The third day of my paleo implementation was the hardest so far. I'm a Property Manager of a 267 unit apartment building in Saint Paul. Every month,… Continue reading Day 3: Temptation