Vanilla Coconut Pancakes

I have the most awful habit of not eating breakfast. I am not one of those “wake up at 6am, eat breakfast and do stuff” morning people. I am the “wake up 30 minutes before I have to be at work and scramble to remember my purse when I run out the door” people. This… Continue reading Vanilla Coconut Pancakes


The Perfect Oven Baked Burger

The burger Gods are smiling down.  I don’t know why I wasted so much time trying to cook burgers on the stove top. Seriously. Now, I know there’s people out there that think it’s a tragedy to cook a burger anywhere other than a grill. I understand that. I agree. There’s nothing like a juicy… Continue reading The Perfect Oven Baked Burger


Maple Mustard Pork

NO! I have writer’s block. This is the worst. Especially because I have a ton of new recipes to share after the last two weekends!   I guess since I don’t have anything clever to say, I’ll stick to the food. I saw a recipe for a maple mustard pork from Pretty Paleo and thought it… Continue reading Maple Mustard Pork

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Shredded Chicken Chili

As you know, I live in Minnesota. I hate the cold. The only good thing about Minnesota weather is that it is Soup Season pretty much 9 months out of the year! This week my husband requested chili. Ugh. He thinks it is the greatest meal because it is basically just protein and veggies, and… Continue reading Shredded Chicken Chili