Simple. Fresh. Fast

If you like the sound of a simple, fresh and fast weeknight dinner meal and you like bell peppers then this one is for you! (Sorry mom, I know how you feel about bell peppers!) Although, the beauty of this meal is it is so stinking easy!  You could literally swap any flavor of chicken… Continue reading Simple. Fresh. Fast


Gluten Free Goulash

There is nothing better than a giant cup of coffee and Food Network on a Saturday morning! We’re short staffed at work, so I’ve been putting in a lot of extra hours and somehow, still not feeling any closer to being caught up!  So, I’ve been spending Saturday mornings at my desk trying to catch… Continue reading Gluten Free Goulash


One-Pot-Rice & Burrito Bowls!

Let me tell you about my current obsession. My current obsession (besides buying iphone cases that I don’t need) is one-pot rice meals. Holy crap. Why didn’t I think of this before?  I have wasted so much time mixing things with rice after cooking it all separately! I looked at a recipe last weekend for… Continue reading One-Pot-Rice & Burrito Bowls!


Shepherd’s Pie (did I spell that right?)

IT’S SO COLD. Winter is the worst. Seriously, the worst. It’s like they try to trick you into thinking it’s great because of the holidays and all, but really that’s just a couple of fun days of distraction in the midst of a whole bunch of nose-hairs-frozen-solid kind of days. I keep wondering if it… Continue reading Shepherd’s Pie (did I spell that right?)


Chicken & Corn Chowder

It’s here! It’s here! It’s not just beginning to feel like fall. ITS FULL BLOWN FALL! The leaves are changing color. The smell of cold is in the air. And it is official sweater and boots weather.  And nothing is better than wearing your sweater and boots while eating a big giant warm bowl of… Continue reading Chicken & Corn Chowder


Southwest Steak Burrito Bowls + Weekly meal prep tip!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Meal prepping is hard and time consuming. But, it doesn’t have to be! I’ve been meal prepping one day a week for TWO YEARS now, without skipping a beat. When I first started meal prepping, I knew NOTHING about cooking. I knew nothing about food… Continue reading Southwest Steak Burrito Bowls + Weekly meal prep tip!


Crockpot Turkey Chili

This weekend I celebrated the big 2-8 and boy was it special!  I got all dressed up and spent the evening at an industry event with the amazing people I work with. After the awards dinner, we all got a sneak preview of US Bank stadium at the after party!  Bring it on, 28! I… Continue reading Crockpot Turkey Chili


Stuffed Pepper Casserole

Changing leaves, sweaters and boots, open window with a cool breeze, and soup on the stove, chili in the crockpot!  There is only one thing that I don’t love about Fall – that it is followed by Winter. Seriously, how cruel is that? This amazing time of year comes and goes way too fast, so… Continue reading Stuffed Pepper Casserole


Beef & Rice Stuffed Peppers

There’s this recipe on Buzzfeed for a NY food truck style chicken & rice dish and I made it and it was so delicious. But I thought, hmm… it’s missing something. So, I remade it with a few twists and I was SO excited to share it with you all because it turned out so… Continue reading Beef & Rice Stuffed Peppers

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Summer Squash Goulash

The best thing about zucchini is its versatility. Summer squash is in the same boat. They both taste so salty and delicious, they make great additions to any meal and excellent substitutes for noodles. My only complaint? Because there always has to be one…. TOO MUCH WATER! I absolutely hate that even if I sweat… Continue reading Summer Squash Goulash