Mexican Quinoa Bowls

Today was a 360° meal prep day. If you don’t know what that means, don’t worry. It’s not a thing; I just made it up. This is my new term to describe a prep day where I go into it with one plan and then totally switch gears and have to make it up as… Continue reading Mexican Quinoa Bowls


Sloppy Joe’s

You know what's the worst? Admitting that all of my best recipes are the ones that my hubby suggested. Last week, the enchiladas were his idea, and they turned out so yummy. This week, he wanted sloppy joe's.  Is it sloppy Joe's or sloppy Joes.  Plural or possessive? Who can be sure. I probably won't… Continue reading Sloppy Joe’s


Shepherd’s Pie (did I spell that right?)

IT’S SO COLD. Winter is the worst. Seriously, the worst. It’s like they try to trick you into thinking it’s great because of the holidays and all, but really that’s just a couple of fun days of distraction in the midst of a whole bunch of nose-hairs-frozen-solid kind of days. I keep wondering if it… Continue reading Shepherd’s Pie (did I spell that right?)


Mediterranean Ground Beef Skillet

This is it. An absolutely perfectly flavorful and juicy ground beef skillet that actually makes me want to eat ground beef. The creaminess of the feta, with the tartness of the lemon juice and the saltiness of the olives make this a dish that I cannot wait to make again. I don’t know about you,… Continue reading Mediterranean Ground Beef Skillet

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Summer Squash Goulash

The best thing about zucchini is its versatility. Summer squash is in the same boat. They both taste so salty and delicious, they make great additions to any meal and excellent substitutes for noodles. My only complaint? Because there always has to be one…. TOO MUCH WATER! I absolutely hate that even if I sweat… Continue reading Summer Squash Goulash