Chicken Nacho Soup {Crockpot}

A lot of people have asked me recently why I haven’t been blogging as much, or why I didn’t blog this summer. I would like to say that it was because I was too busy going out, having fun and enjoying the summer. That unfortunately, isn’t true. It was a hard summer and really wasn’t… Continue reading Chicken Nacho Soup {Crockpot}



  Bravo, husband. Bravo.  Another fantastic suggestion that resulted in another delicious recipe.  He really is the brains behind this operation, you know. I’ve been making a lot of stir fry lately, as you know and the thing about stir fry is that it is meat and vegetables, mixed with rice.  Well, that’s a great… Continue reading Jambalaya/Gumbo


Chicken Cacciatore over white rice

Now that we are eating really clean, we gotta keep it interesting in the kitchen. Chicken and vegetables is definitely a weekly go to – but adding different flavors is important. The hubby is perfectly fine eating the same thing for weeks in a row, if he likes it. But not me… I need variety.… Continue reading Chicken Cacciatore over white rice


Sheet Pan Dinner – Honey Garlic Chicken

I know that global warming is a bad thing… I get it. But c’mon. There is nothing wrong with hiking outside in February, watching boats drive by on the river. The mud, I was less fond of – now I have to clean my combat boots.  It was a chilly but beautiful afternoon for a… Continue reading Sheet Pan Dinner – Honey Garlic Chicken


One-Pot-Rice & Burrito Bowls!

Let me tell you about my current obsession. My current obsession (besides buying iphone cases that I don’t need) is one-pot rice meals. Holy crap. Why didn’t I think of this before?  I have wasted so much time mixing things with rice after cooking it all separately! I looked at a recipe last weekend for… Continue reading One-Pot-Rice & Burrito Bowls!


Chicken & Corn Chowder

It’s here! It’s here! It’s not just beginning to feel like fall. ITS FULL BLOWN FALL! The leaves are changing color. The smell of cold is in the air. And it is official sweater and boots weather.  And nothing is better than wearing your sweater and boots while eating a big giant warm bowl of… Continue reading Chicken & Corn Chowder


Spicy Tacos with Avocado Lime Sauce

As I sit here in Ankeny, surrounded by chain restaurants and fast food joints I can’t help but wish I was eating these spicy shredded beef tacos with a side of avocado lime dressing. This is my 3rd work trip in 3 weeks, and I have yet to master the whole “gluten free/paleo eating while… Continue reading Spicy Tacos with Avocado Lime Sauce


Coconut Chicken Nuggets

When I first posted a photo of this recipe on Facebook, I called it “Coconut Crush Chicken Nuggets,” because “Coconut Flour Chicken Nuggets” just didn’t have the same excitement about it. And, I’m all about the marketing, you know? But, I realize now that Coconut Crush doesn’t really make sense. And it doesn’t mean anything.… Continue reading Coconut Chicken Nuggets

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Shredded Chicken Chili

As you know, I live in Minnesota. I hate the cold. The only good thing about Minnesota weather is that it is Soup Season pretty much 9 months out of the year! This week my husband requested chili. Ugh. He thinks it is the greatest meal because it is basically just protein and veggies, and… Continue reading Shredded Chicken Chili


Burrito Bowls

We love burritos. We love Chipotle, we love Burrito Loco. I have successfully made a burrito bowl meal that is comparable to our favorite Mexican joints. My husband is a burrito connoisseur. He eats Chipotle more times per week than I should admit. When he got home from work the night I made these burrito… Continue reading Burrito Bowls