Just Checkin’ In

It's a good thing I am not trying to keep up with Daily blogs anymore, because I am off track! I have been a little MIA lately without much time to blog. The last week or two have been full of long days at work and studying at night for finals. I'm looking forward to… Continue reading Just Checkin’ In


Family + Fitness

Sorry in advance for the longest blog I have ever written. I was feeling extra motivated and the words just started pouring out much like my sweat did when I was running three miles this evening, thinking about writing this post. I'm sure that I have mentioned it before, maybe a million times, my husband… Continue reading Family + Fitness


Earned It

You know that feeling after a full day of manual labor? Or a new exercise routine that you aren't use to? That feeling when you have to request assistance in order to put on a t-shirt or tie your shoes? That is the feeling I have today. I woke up this morning so sore that… Continue reading Earned It

Fitness, Food

Sunday Funday

Part One: Woke up this morning and went straight to the gym! I didn’t think I would have the energy for it after my cardio date with the treadmill last night and truthfully, I didn’t have the energy but I made myself get up and go anyways. Today was day one of weightlifting. No, nothing… Continue reading Sunday Funday


It’s good to have goals.

My husband is a weightlifter. Like a real one. He even has trophies. He deadlifts over 500lbs and competes two or three times per year. Watching him deadlift is one of the proudest moments for me. His strength and determination is inspiring. I have been really excited to see how my body is changing –… Continue reading It’s good to have goals.


Finding Time for Fitness

Can we talk about how hard this is? I work full-time, between 40 - 50 hours per week, sometimes more depending. I also am a part-time student with two classes this semester (my FIRST semester of college) and an 11-year old step son. Where am I supposed to find time to work out? That is… Continue reading Finding Time for Fitness


Today on the Tread

I switched up the scenery today. Usually I work out at the gym upstairs in our apartment building. (I say usually as if I have been doing it for years, nope it is a new habit!) Being a one car family and having a dentist appointment this morning, meant that I had to pick up… Continue reading Today on the Tread