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My name is Meg.

I am a wife, a stepmother, a full-time professional, a part-time student…. And now, I am also on a journey to a healthier lifestyle.

This blog started as a way for me to share my experience and progress when I began to really consciously eat better and live healthier. I had no cooking experience, had no healthy eating experience, and jumped head on into living the Paleo lifestyle. Books like Paleoista and blogs like Paleomg.com were my lifelines and what kept me on track and helped me to learn my way around the kitchen. I had no idea when I started that soon I would be creating my own recipes and sharing them here and that people would actually want to try them!

I made the decision to eat healthier after finally having enough of chronic belly aches, bloating and debilitating pain. I first started experiencing problems when I was 14 and never in a million years would have guessed that changing my diet could help so much. I suffered for years, wishing my doctors could help but they couldn’t. After multiple different kinds of medication, and endless visits to the doctor – nothing worked. Until, I changed the way I ate. Within about 1 week of eating really “strict” Paleo, I felt better than I had in years. Now, if I act on impulse or take an “off day” and eat gluten or processed sugar, I can feel its effects on my body almost immediately. So, to stay on track and keep my family healthy – I will continue to try new recipes, some will fail and most will be delicious. And I’ll continue to share them here so you can do the same!

If you want to join my journey, be prepared for food, fitness and funny stories.I have become really proud of this blog and so grateful to everyone that follows it. Thank you for reading! xxoo

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