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10-Minute Chicken Fried Rice

Well hello again! I know, it has been too long. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since February 3rd. Talk about slacking.

It was a busy, busy week. All of last weekend’s meal prep was done for the husband. I spent the week in Houston, Texas at my company’s Leadership Conference. What an amazing time it was. The week was full of laughter, learning, bonding and giving back! We had the opportunity to help make improvements to a local church that included repainting parking lines, fixing their playground and repainting the fence (that was the job I was on!) And to top it off, I won an award for going above and beyond my job duties in 2015. What an honor!

Traveling is not easy, and it seems to rarely go smoothly. My trip started on Monday when my alarm went off at 3:00am. Let me just tell you – I am not pleasant at 3:00am. My flight left at 6:30 and after spending 45 minutes in the security line, my day was not off to the best start. I planned ahead and packed LOADS of gluten free/organic snacks to have with me. Thank goodness for that. The only food options at the terminal where my layover was, were McDonalds and Burger King. I didn’t even consider it. I was looking forward to landing and arriving at the conference center in time for lunch before my afternoon meeting. The problem was, when we landed we got held up in baggage claim. I didn’t make it to the conference in time for lunch…. Bummer. It was a whole lot of organic fruit snacks, beef jerky and trailmix that day.

I am happy to report though, that I managed to make it through the entire 4-day conference without ONE BITE of bread. I ate a lot of protein and lots of veggies. And successfully, managed to avoid the temptations of sandwiches, quesadillas and even pizza. This was not an easy feat. If you don’t know already, I really LOVE bread and the fact that it makes me feel sick is the cruelest reality. So I am #proud.

So anyway, back to the real reason that you are here. FOOD! A couple of weeks ago, I made this easy chicken fried rice and my husband absolutely ate it up. This is one of those recipes that I literally threw together on the fly because I had some white rice, and some cooked chicken thighs. Needless to say, this one is really easy!

Easy Chicken Fried Rice


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What You Need

3 tbs + 1 tbs teriyaki sauce (coco aminos or preferred brand)

2 tbs + 1 tsp sesame oil

4 tsp coconut aminos

4 cups cooked white rice

1lb boneless chicken thighs (cooked with salt, pepper, paprika & garlic powder), chopped into small pieces

2 cups mixed frozen vegetables

What To Do

In a large saucepan, heat sesame oil over medium heat. Add white rice. Let cook, stirring frequently for about 5 minutes. Then, add mixed vegetables, chicken, teriyaki and coconut aminos. Stir together well and let cook until vegetables are soft and cooked. Add the other tbs teriyaki and tsp sesame oil at this point. Taste, and add more coconut aminos OR splash some gluten free soy sauce on to taste. Enjoy!

Funny story.

For the first birthday that I celebrated after I met my now-husband, Aldon…. he was thoughtful enough to get me a gift. We weren’t dating at this point, so I was very excited. I opened the present and it consisted of a bar of soap, a candle, and decorative chopsticks. I bet you’re thinking, “huh? why.” Well, those were my thoughts exactly. It became a big joke that he had given me chopsticks – because, who does that? So a couple years later, for Christmas, he got me about 40 sets of chopsticks from Leann Chins. I am happy to say that now, after almost 9 years – the decorative chopsticks have finally come in handy. Glad I hung on to them for all these years!

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