Chicken Tortilla Soup

Thank goodness for my husband. Friday night, I was enjoying some Angry Orchard cider while planning out this weekend’s meal prep. I had a long list that was pretty exciting – but then he reminded me that we are only in town until Wednesday. Thank goodness he reminded me before I ordered the groceries or we would have ended up wasting a lot. And spending unnecessary money that could be better spent in a slot machine!

We are headed to Vegas on Wednesday for the WABDL World Powerlifting Championships. (Go Team Burgoon!) I can’t wait to watch everyone compete! I also had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I went to Vegas and won $8000 on a slot machine that had a crab themed bonus; so naturally, I am hoping that happens as well as the whole “people bringing home trophies” thing!

Because we only need food for 3 days, I decided to go with meals that would get eaten fast OR that would freeze well. It’s also a repeat week.

On the Menu

  • Green Eggs w/ Chicken Apple Sausage (Scrambled Eggs w/ Green Peppers, Onion and Spinach)
  • Sausage & Potato Skillet (The husband requested it again this week but I decided to mix in peppers and onions to expand on last week’s)
  • PreppyPaleo’s Crockpot Cashew Chicken
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup
  • Creamy (mild) White Chicken Chili

I remade the White Chicken Chili from last week, but made it milder and creamier. I was not able to eat any of the chili from last weekend because it was so spicy! My stomach does not handle heat well. This time, I decided to hold the jalapenos and add in white kidney beans (hubby’s request). I also made it thicker.

Chicken Tortilla Soup

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What You Need

1 small onion, diced

2 chicken breasts

32oz organic chicken broth

3 tsp garlic, minced

2 tbs olive oil

28oz diced tomatoes

2 tbs tomato paste

2 stalks celery, diced

1 cup corn **

1 ½ cup cooked white rice **

3 tbs cumin

2 tbs chili powder

2 tsp black pepper

2 tsp salt

2 tsp garlic powder

Garnish: chopped cilantro, crushed corn tortilla chips and avocado

What To Do

Preheat oven to 350 – grease a large baking dish and bake chicken for approximately 30 minutes until cooked through.

Let chicken cool, then shred.

Heat 2 tbs olive oil in a large stock pot over medium-high heat.

Add all ingredients to the pot and bring to a boil. After about 5 minutes, turn heat down to low and let simmer for about 20 minutes.

Garnish with crushed tortilla chips, cilantro and avocado.

** for paleo perfectionists – omit corn and white rice but I am on team “everything in moderation.”

Stay tuned next week, I promise after Vegas I will come back prepared to be creative and try some fun new recipes. I’m also really excited to try InstaCart where I can get Whole Foods groceries delivered to my door – we’re about to get REAL healthy up in here! I can’t wait!

I’ll be putting up a blog post next week detailing my successes and failures with eating clean while traveling. If you remember after my last trip to Santa Fe, I have some improvements to do on this front.

Last year, I didn’t stick to my gluten free eating plan and got really sick on our last night in Vegas. Totally ruined the whole night. I don’t want to repeat that again. I know that I won’t eat perfectly on vacation, but I am going to do my best so I can still have fun, eat well AND feel good the whole time on vacation. Wish me luck!

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