{ Bonus Post } Steak + Broccoli

BONUS POST! It felt more exciting if I put it in all caps.

Tomorrow I will be departing for an impromptu trip to Santa Fe to cover a property down there for the week. This means that my normal weekend routine is all going to packed into a day and a half instead of two. Our normal Sunday includes the gym in the morning, a movie in the afternoon, and food prep at night. Because I’ll be gone for 6 days, this weekend it will be a movie this afternoon, no gym, and meal prep in the morning then airport in the afternoon.

Skipping the gym is not ideal – but as much as I absolutely love the gym and weightlifting, it takes a toll on my body and sometimes I get sick after tough workouts. I’d rather not take a risk when traveling!

Stay tuned next week for a post about how to stay on track with healthy meals when traveling because for the next 6 days – none of my meals will be home cooked but I fully intend to stick to clean ingredient meals.

It’s amazing how much money you save when you are cooking to feed only one person instead of two.

And because I am feeding only my husband for a week, he got to veto or approve my suggestions and tell me what he wants to eat. Talk about curbing the creativity. I won’t be cooking anything “new and exciting” tomorrow morning so instead, I’ll share a repeat.

I made this steak and broccoli a couple weeks ago but didn’t share the recipe – it turned out absolutely delicious. The trick is in the marinade! So the husband has requested it again. Ask and you shall receive! And now you guys get to try it too!


Steak + Broccoli

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What you need

1lb flank steak

For the marinade

1 cup teriyaki**

2 cloves garlic

2 tbs coconut aminos

3 cups broccoli

2 tbs sesame oil

1 tbs gluten free soy sauce

2 tbs coconut aminos

1/3 cup teriyaki sauce

2 cloves garlic, minced

What to do

Marinade your steak – combine all ingredients in a gallon ziplock bag and put in the fridge overnight.

Take your steak out of the marinade and slice into small pieces about 1 inch long

In a large saucepan, cook your steak over medium heat. When steak is about 75% done add your broccoli

Pour excess sauce from the marinade into the pan and add other sauces

Cook on medium/low until steak is done then lower heat, cover and simmer for about 10 minutes until broccoli is softened.

** I use 1/2 cup teriyaki coconut aminos (on Amazon for $12.00) and 1/2 cup organic teriyaki sauce. I have also made my own in the past, so that is an option too!

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