An Ode to Coborn’s

This post is entirely dedicated to the comfort and convenience of Coborn’s Delivers. Yes, there is something to be said for inspecting every inch of your produce for perfection in store, I get it. There is also something to be said for grocery shopping in your underwear from the comfort of your living room.

Is there anything worse than the checkout line at Target and/or the grocery store? I don’t know, maybe a colonoscopy is worse but I think its a pretty close tie on the unpleasant scale. Checkout lines are the worst. They take forever. There is awkward small talk. I am really no good at small talk so mostly cashier’s just think I am mean. No worries checkout lady, I am not mean – just socially awkward.

I cook approximately 8-12 meals per week, I would say, for me and my family. Do you know much groceries that is? A TON! With a grocery list as long as mine, I hunt for manufacturer coupons, store coupons, anything I can find but I still end up spending way more than I care to admit. The best way for me to get the right amount of food, avoid impulse buys and keep my budget in mind – ordering my groceries online.

In the store when you are over the max you wanted to spend, you don’t really get to start deciding what you can live without, right? Because it is too late once it has been scanned. With online grocery shopping, I can delete anything from my cart before I check out and see how the total changes.

I am one that looks for the green pepper with no scratches and the potato with no bruises in store, but surprisingly, I haven’t had any bad experiences with the produce purchased from Coborn’s. They also have a large selection of gluten free and organic foods, which is music to my ears! (or eyes, I guess!)

So, its Tuesday night. I just worked 11 hours and I spent the last 2 hours making my meal prep plans for the upcoming weekend. 10:16pm and all I have to do is click “checkout,” and magically – all of my groceries for next week’s meals will appear on my doorstep, under budget, and ready to go! You don’t even need to be home for the delivery. Unless you are buying alcohol. Then they card you, and look at you like maybe your ID is fake, and when you try to make a joke about having a baby face they just look at your ID even closer. Its true.. If I had a nickel for everyone who thought my ID was fake, I could afford to shop exclusively at Whole Foods and Lunds. I love Coborn’s. Even if they card the crap out of me, I hear that someday I’ll be thankful for that!

Oh, and not to mention – their service is Great. (The G is capitol for emphasis, watch out grammar police!)

My husband e-mailed them a question about a brand of milk, he had a response in minutes. The delivery guys are always super friendly and professional (even when scowling at your ID – its ok, I know they are just doing their job. Kudos for not selling to minors!) and I have only used the call-in-customer-service once but the lady was super friendly also.

So if you are in the twin cities area, I highly recommend giving Coborn’s a shot. It will save you so much time and money! And there is pretty much nothing better than saving money. Now, I can buy a new pair of shoes! (Shh…. don’t tell my husband!) And if there isn’t a Coborn’s in your area, look for other grocery delivery companies. Because if you are like me and cooking is your favorite part of the week but grocery shopping is the worst? This just might change your life in the smallest way!

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