Hello, friends.

You know how I keep having to apologize for taking a random hiatus? Well, here we are again. Life just gets in the way sometimes, you know?

Do you know how I know I have been gone too long? I just wrote an entire blog with a new recipe that I was super excited to share – then (luckily, before posting) realized that I was posted the same recipe that I posted last time I blogged. WTF. Looks like I need to get super creative in the kitchen to find something new for ya’ll. In my defense, I used totally different vegetables this time. I’ll come up with something really good for you this weekend, promise.

But for now, I guess I will just summarize this week’s meal prep!

This week was a little different – we didn’t have my typical all at once Sunday meal prep. Only because, we went to the Wisconsin Dells this weekend to watch the entire #bodiesbyburgoon lifting team KICK ASS AND TAKE NAMES at the WABDL Worlds power lifting event! Totally worth missing meal prep! I watched some of the most badass women lift seriously heavy weights and make it look easy. Let’s talk about inspired…

So the long 4 hour drive home and the fact that we went to bed at 3:30am on Sunday morning made for a Sunday evening that was super lazy and did not include the trip to the grocery store that it was meant to. Thank god for Coborn’s delivers, I can order groceries right to my door – five days a week. Its amazeballs. The best part? Besides that I can grocery shop in my underwear (just kidding, mom) the best part is that you can see how every item makes your total cost increase and it is SO much easier to avoid overspending. Because at the end when you check out you can remove all of the items that you REALLY don’t need, like Reese’s Peanut Butter cups (just kidding, kind of).

So it was a Monday delivery of Coborn’s, at 8:00pm which meant that it was far too late to do all my meal prep. That’s okay though, it just came in waves this week.

I am also learning that I am more becoming more efficient as I continue to meal prep. For example, tonight I got home from a 12 hour work day (7am is not my friend) and then dreaded that I had to cook. I had no choice though, we were out of food. So meal prep made easy, I made three meals which resulted in 7 tupperwares of food in only ONE HOUR AND A HALF! Kitchen cleaned and food in the fridge in less than 2 hours? That’s new. And also fantastic.

Here is what was on the menu this week:


Scrambled eggs with ham & sweet onions and breakfast sausage, spicy chicken tenders with garlic steamed veggies, and banana protein muffins.



Buffalo chicken salad, chicken & veggie stir fry and herb crusted salmon with a side of garlic asparagus.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 preset




Steak & sweet potato fries, scrambled eggs and chicken sausage w/ Brusselsprouts and sweet potatoes.

(enough for all of that for under $200 @ Coborns – like I said, amazeballs. And did I mention the wine? I think I forgot…. THEY DELIVER WINE!)

There are so many patterns here; we find things we love and we make them often while adding in a little something new to keep it exciting!

Okay, I need to relax and brainstorm what yummy food I am going to come up with this weekend to share!

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