Random Rambles & Meal Prep Update

Wow, it has been quite some time since I have posted. Sorry blogosphere – I guess I have been a bit lazy lately. I am starting to see these epic changes in my body from weightlifting – my arms have shape and definition, my back has cleavage – I have been so excited that all I am doing now is eating and weightlifting. Oh, and I guess a few other things in there too like hanging out with the fam, school and you know, work.

We have had one of the most incredible winters this year (and since most of you who are reading this are members of my family (thanks mom) you probably already know how great this season has been! We took advantage of the sunshine this past week and spent some time biking, hiking and jogging around Roseville and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day.

There is one problem though… when it is sunny and warm outside, who wants to be inside standing next to the oven? Not me. But desire and necessity are two different things. Did I want to be lazing around enjoying a book and the warm breeze? Of course. Was it feasible for me to skip meal prep? Nope. Why you ask? Because there is NO way I would find time to do it after work during the week.

The downfall to waking up and getting in morning exercise on Saturday was that I didn’t get to follow my normal routine of a cup of coffee, and a grocery list. When we went to the grocery store on Saturday, I had to wing it. Not my favorite thing to do. Luckily, even without a list I was able to spend WAY too much money and keep us fed for the week!

Here is what we have to look forward to eating this week:


I revamped the Enchilada bake this weekend to make it a bit sassier & spicier, so that was pretty exciting.

I tackled some buffalo chicken salad for lunches.

I am over the egg bake, so I made a couple of egg scrambles because the boys kept eating the eggs as soon as I finished cooking them.

Made some good old fashioned steamed veggies tossed in salt and coconut aminos over white rice – so simple, so tasty. (Yes, I eat white rice. And I consider myself Paleo. Gasp!!)

EVERY WEEK my husband asks for “breaded” chicken tenders and well, ask and you shall receive. Lucky him – I had JUST enough almond flour to bread the exact number of tenders. Mental note for next week’s list – I need almond flour. And mustard. I couldn’t make the honey mustard dipping sauce. Oh, and toilet paper too. (just kidding – I will save my grocery list for later!)

And, because I seriously can’t get enough and I eat it EVERY WEEK BECAUSE ITS SO DELICIOUS – roasted brusselsprouts, diced sweet potatoes and garlic chicken sausage. I know not everyone shares my love of brusselsprouts, but they are probably my favorite thing ever. I haven’t tried Aidell’s garlic chicken sausages yet and I don’t know if the flavor will be as good as the chicken apple sausage but we will give it a shot!

Meal prep this week was pretty simple – the dishes I made were very much on the non-complicated side so it was pretty stress free and didn’t take too long.

I also have two of the cutest baby spaghetti squashes on the counter as well as one medium size that I need to use ASAP or I will lose my chance, (how long are spaghetti squash good for? I’ll go with if I cut it open and it smells funny, its bad) so I think that I need to make a pizza casserole this week and maybe something with shrimp and spaghetti squash!

Okay, sorry for the lame post and nothing yummy to inspire you to cook. This is kind of a catch up post to cover my random rambles. I’ll make something yummy out of a spaghetti squash this week and post it for all you lovelies because who doesn’t love spaghetti squash? Seriously though, who doesn’t? If you don’t… get off my blog, we can’t be friends.  ❤

_ M

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