What I’m Eating Wednesday: Part Two!

Here is the second installment in What I’m Eating Wednesday! Woo!

I woke up late today. Have you ever had one of those weeks where getting out of bed seems like the hardest task that you will face the whole day? That is this week for me. When I woke up, I decided I couldn’t possibly eat another piece of egg bake (I know, I know – the egg bake is amazing but the same flavors for breakfast every day? No thanks!) I was seriously craving scrambled eggs this morning!

Scrambled eggs are a treat for me. I handle the meals for most of the week and usually, egg bake is all I do because it is easy and quick and my husband loves it. Sunday is the only day of the week that my husband and I are both home at the same time in the morning so our routine is to hit the gym and then he makes breakfast. He is a big fan of over easy eggs. Not that I’m complaining, eggs are great – anyway you make them. BUT, I do prefer scrambled. There are just so many options, so many veggies you can add!

Today when I woke up I decided I needed a treat. I needed to make scrambled eggs for breakfast. This is possibly the first weekday morning ever that I have actually made breakfast. Usually it is grab & go because I am such a horrible morning person that it is all I can handle to wake up, get ready, and grab food out of the fridge. But not today! Today I broke through my typical morning funk and spent some time in the kitchen! (Ok, seriously… scrambling eggs takes 10 minutes, I don’t know what I’m so proud of.)


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Scrambled eggs with turkey and onions!

What you need

6 eggs, whisked

3 slices of deli turkey (all natural, no nitrates)

1 small sweet onion, diced

What to do

Do I need to explain how to make scrambled eggs? Grease a large pan, pour in all ingredients and cook until there is no liquid left – stirring occasionally to break up the eggs!

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month? Neither did I… until today! My company puts out a monthly wellness newsletter and this month’s is about…. You guessed it… nutrition! So to celebrate nutrition and veggie love – I had a salad for lunch.

Last night I made meatloaf and sweet potato fries for dinner. The store was out of 1LB packages of beef when I went shopping so I ended up with a 2LB package. I only needed 1LB for the meatloaf so I thought to myself, “what can I do with the rest of this beef? Can’t toss it, can’t refreeze it, better use it!” and then I had the idea for taco salads.


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Taco Salad with Avocado & Ranch

What you need for the meat (this will give you about 4 servings)

1lb ground beef

Taco seasoning (I made my own but pre-mixed works just fine!)

Chili powder

Ground cumin

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Crushed red pepper



Sea salt


I didn’t use a set measurement for the spices, I went heavy on the chili powder and cumin and eyeballed until it smelled like tacos! If you want to use measurements – I say probably 1 tbs each of chili powder and cumin and ¼ of everything else!

What to do

Brown ground beef in a large pan with a bit of olive oil.

Toss in the seasonings when the meat is just about cooked through.

What you need for the salad

3 cups Romaine Lettuce, chopped

5 cherry tomatoes, halved

¼ red onion, diced

1/3 cup black olives, diced

Ranch dressing (homemade, if you are ambitious – I am not, so I used organic storebought)

½ avocado

What to do

Put all salad ingredients in a bowl (minus the ranch & avocado)

Top with taco meat

Drizzle in ranch dressing and the scoop out ½ your avocado for the top!

What’s my favorite meal ever? You guessed it…. Brusselsprouts and chicken sausage! That’s what was for dinner!


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I know, I know… I posted the same thing for lunch last week. But the thing is, tonight’s recipe was different… I added diced sweet potatoes! And you know what? It made my favorite meal even better. I will spare you the recipe because I am 99% positive that I have posted it at least three times before. Just eat brusselsprouts, sweet potatoes and chicken apple sausage. I promise, you’ll love it.

Don’t forget to eat your veggies! xx

– M

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