Tips to Quit

The hardest part of changing your habits is giving up the things you love. Whether you are quitting smoking, eating healthier, or fighting another bad habit. There are ways to lighten the blow. For me, some of the hardest things to give up were candy, bread and soda. The trick to making the transition easier… Continue reading Tips to Quit


Learn to love

My favorite part of my new way of eating is finding not only a taste but a CRAVING for food that I have never liked the taste of before. I have been spending a lot of time experimenting in the kitchen with foods that I love and foods that I have never liked. You know… Continue reading Learn to love


Finding Time for Fitness

Can we talk about how hard this is? I work full-time, between 40 - 50 hours per week, sometimes more depending. I also am a part-time student with two classes this semester (my FIRST semester of college) and an 11-year old step son. Where am I supposed to find time to work out? That is… Continue reading Finding Time for Fitness


The food fight.

We love to eat out. Before we began eating Paleo, our weekends may have consisted of at least 2 – 3 meals out. That has decreased substantially. Now, we eat out maybe 1 time per week unless it is a special circumstances. We are lucky enough to get to spend (almost) every weekend with the… Continue reading The food fight.



I have done pretty well so far at avoiding cravings. I have a candy jar on my desk and don't have the urge to eat it. I can go to a restaurant and have no problem not eating the bread (can't say the same for my hubby.) (About 2 weeks ago, dinner out at Outback… Continue reading Temp-to-the-temptation