Viva Las Vegas

So, it is Wednesday night about 8:45 and as of two hours ago, the start of our vacation!

I don’t have to think about work for the next 5 days – I probably will any way, though.


Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 7:10am (whose idea was it to leave that early, anyway?) we are headed to the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a joint trip for fun and fitness – my husband will be competing in dead lifting and bench pressing at the WABDL Nationals.

I am equal parts nervous and excited. I have never been to Vegas before and know that it is a crazy, crowded, party scene where anything goes. They don’t call it “Sin City,” for nothing. Most people would be nothing but excited. Well, I am not most people. I am nervous because I have been doing so great at being on-track with the diet and exercise and as we all know… it is harder to stay on track on vacation. Especially in a place like Las Vegas where the drinks will be flowing, the food will be expensive and the rest will be foggy!

My hope is that I can make it through the next 4 days with minimal slip ups and come out without gaining 5lbs on my ass and losing 10 from my wallet! The goal is to come home still on track and a little bit richer. (Seriously, it could happen – people win sometimes!)

Cheers to finding a way to be Paleo in Vegas!

Can’t wait to write all about it when we get back – I promise to be honest!

Until next time –


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