It’s good to have goals.

My husband is a weightlifter. Like a real one. He even has trophies. He deadlifts over 500lbs and competes two or three times per year. Watching him deadlift is one of the proudest moments for me. His strength and determination is inspiring.

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I have been really excited to see how my body is changing – how energized I feel in the middle of the afternoon without drinking caffeine, how determined I feel to keep eating clean and how proud I am of my progress. I want to continue to feel this… excited!

So, I have set a goal for myself. Because I want to feel that same strength and determination in my exercise. I want to have something, a goal that is very specific that I can spend the next 6 months working toward.

When I go to watch my husband weight lift – I also watch some incredibly strong women weight lift. This may sound misogynistic but we expect men to be able to lift heavy weight, we expect them to be strong. So although I am so proud and impressed by my husband, seeing the other men lift extremely heavy weight is not always shocking. (Except the beasts that go for a 700lb lift.) But when I see the women lifting 200, 300 or 400lbs – it is seriously the most impressive thing. I have been to a couple competitions now and sit in the audience thinking to myself, “Wow, I wish that I could lift that much weight. That is awesome!”

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(My dear friend, Dawn. A perfect example of a woman with incredible strength and determination.)

So now that I am on this path to a healthier life, I decided…. Why can’t I lift that much weight?

Now, back to the goal. My goal is to learn how to bench press, squat and deadlift. My goal is to compete at the April WABDL Regional competition.

My husband is going to start training me this weekend and showing me how to lift. I can’t wait to share my successes, failures and progress with you!

Until next time!



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