What to do about breakfast – Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Breakfast has been a tough one for me while being Paleo. I end up with only about 5 minutes to grab something for breakfast after I run out the door. I am not a morning person, I think I mentioned that. I get up with exactly just enough time to shower, put on a touch… Continue reading What to do about breakfast – Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins


Adventures in Pie Land.

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I was assigned a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. Now keep in mind that this whole preparing food thing, is still very new to me. Baking is a whole different ballgame. I think once I tried to make Tollhouse cookies, out of that tube in the refrigerator section… Continue reading Adventures in Pie Land.

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What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Including getting off the diet track.

Okay, so unfortunately I am not here to report good news. My intentions to maintain Paleo eating in Vegas were far from successful. Do you know how hard it is to find anything to eat under $20 in Vegas? Let alone Paleo friendly food? Vegas is full of fancy restaurants, fast food and buffets. There… Continue reading What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas. Including getting off the diet track.


Viva Las Vegas

So, it is Wednesday night about 8:45 and as of two hours ago, the start of our vacation! I don't have to think about work for the next 5 days - I probably will any way, though. Tomorrow morning, bright and early at 7:10am (whose idea was it to leave that early, anyway?) we are… Continue reading Viva Las Vegas


Earned It

You know that feeling after a full day of manual labor? Or a new exercise routine that you aren't use to? That feeling when you have to request assistance in order to put on a t-shirt or tie your shoes? That is the feeling I have today. I woke up this morning so sore that… Continue reading Earned It

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Sunday Funday

Part One: Woke up this morning and went straight to the gym! I didn’t think I would have the energy for it after my cardio date with the treadmill last night and truthfully, I didn’t have the energy but I made myself get up and go anyways. Today was day one of weightlifting. No, nothing… Continue reading Sunday Funday


It’s good to have goals.

My husband is a weightlifter. Like a real one. He even has trophies. He deadlifts over 500lbs and competes two or three times per year. Watching him deadlift is one of the proudest moments for me. His strength and determination is inspiring. I have been really excited to see how my body is changing –… Continue reading It’s good to have goals.


Finding Time for Meal Prep

Meal prep is one of my new favorite things to do. The problem however, is finding time to prep during the week. I am off to work every morning by 8:15 and usually get home by 6:30 if I am lucky. When I throw in my weekly darts league, studying, and keeping the house clean,… Continue reading Finding Time for Meal Prep


Snowfall = Total Body Workout

I would put up a well thought out post tonight about the bomb enchilada bake that I made yesterday. But, unfortunately I am recovering from snow shoveling. 5 hours, 3 inches and lots of ice later.... Let's hope that the wind burned cheek redness clears up soon! I'll let you know how my muscles feel… Continue reading Snowfall = Total Body Workout


Comfort Food

Where I come from, fall brings beautiful color changes and makes way for colder temperatures, snow, and hermit-tendencies. I was born and raised in Minnesota and for some reason, choose to still live here. I did try to escape briefly - I spent some time in Spain and lived in Denver for a year -… Continue reading Comfort Food