Day 9 – 13: More progress

Well, its a good thing that commitment to my diet is more reliable than my commitment to write about it. But the good news is, missing so many posts does bring me right up to real time!

So here is my progress so far – almost 2 weeks in and zero cheats. Every meal has been at least 95% Paleo in the last two weeks and I haven’t had a single sip of soda since October 11th. I am down 6lbs so far, which is a happy accident. I am not on this journey to lose weight – I am on this journey to change my life and finally feels what its like to be healthy. If I happen to lose weight and get in better shape along the journey, that is a-okay with me!

We are learning how to maintain our Paleo commitment when eating out.

My husband took me out to eat on Wednesday. This was a rare moment. My hubby works about 65-70 hours per week, 6 days per week as a personal trainer. That means, all 65 hours are spent on his feet. We are lucky if we eat by 9pm during the week and weekends are mostly spent being lazy and hanging out with our 11-year old. Date nights are few and far between, instead my weekends are spent refereeing the PS3 hockey fights between my kids (my husband and stepson). So, when my husband said he was taking me out to eat – I was totally excited.

We chose the Outback Steak House because we were able to eat Paleo. We decided on their steak & lobster combination with grilled asparagus (my choice) and steamed veggies (his choice). We were pretty #paleoproud and looking forward to our meal. Until……… the waitress came back with that fresh baked bread accompanied by warm butter. You should have seen the looks on our faces when we saw the bread. We just kept looking from the bread to each other back to the bread – not quite sure how to ask her to take it away. The waitress left the bread on the table and walked away, giving us a second glance. It took a whole lot of self control but we managed to make it through the whole meal with the loaf of bread completely in tact and untouched.

When it was time to get a box for my leftovers (I don’t think a meal is worth it unless I have some left for lunch the next day) and the waitress saw the bread was still on the table, she asked if we wanted her to take it. When we said yes, we got yet another strange glare. I don’t think they are used to their (amazingly, deliciously fantastic) bread being left uneaten. Truth is, 2.5 weeks ago and I would have eaten the whole loaf before the meal even made it out of the kitchen. Just another #paleowin.

Now that I’ve got the eating down, I need to start adding in the exercise. Here is my vow to cyberspace – I, Meg Tibbs, WILL go to the fitness center when I wake up on Saturday morning and commit to running at least 3 miles on the treadmill. Tune in tomorrow to see if I kept my promise 🙂

Goodnight, paleo people!

– M

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