Day 8: Paleo is great!

This day was a whirlwind of ingredients, cooking, doing dishes, cooking some more, eating, doing more dishes and EVEN MORE COOKING!

I would be okay with every Sunday for the rest of my life being like this. Our good friend, Chris came over to help me learn how to cook. We have a ritual of cooking on Sundays while football is on – usually the boys do the cooking – now it’s my turn!

Here is what we made on Sunday (get a napkin, you may drool.)

  • Paleo Meatloaf
  • Roasted Squash w/ olive oil, pepper and garlic sea-salt
  • PALEO GOULASH – oh my goodeliciousness.
  • Pulled cilantro chicken

So I’ll be honest, Chris really took the reins on the meatloaf and squash and it was great! My baby was the paleo goulash – substitute extra zucchini and squash for the pasta. It’s a paleo masterpiece. I offered salt + pepper to my husband and you know what? HE DIDN’T NEED IT. Just another #paleoproud moment.

I have never enjoyed cooking. I dread cooking. I worry about it the food not being cooked correctly, the meat not being cooked all the way through, the food not tasting right. Cooking to me, has always been a lot of pressure so instead of doing it – I ended up ordering out, a lot. It amazes me how easy and even fun, cooking can be. I always thought food tasted better when someone else made it. That was until I started cooking it myself! (Have I said that already?)

I’m looking forward to many more weekends filled with many more recipes.

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