Day 6 and 7: I’m in heaven.

So in an effort to catch up with real-time, I am going to try posting more than one day at once. Here goes nothing.

Day 6: Friday

I worked three 11+ hour days in a row last week so I decided to be a rebel and leave work at 4pm on Friday. (I don’t know if it counts as rebellious when leaving at 4 on a Friday still means you worked 50 hours that week.) So I’ll be honest, I don’t remember all of my meals from the last couple days.

I do remember, the feeling of accomplishment when I went to the Trail of Terror on Friday and avoided all fried foods. The Trail of Terror is in Shakopee, MN located at the Renaissance Festival fairgrounds is basically your run of the mill Halloween style fair. We walked in and fluorescent signs were tempting me everywhere…. “GYROS!” “CHEESE CURDS!” “FRENCH FRIES!” “BEER!”

Yes, those used to be all of my favorite things. I chose a hard cider from the bartender in place of the wheat filled beer my friends were drinking. This was great until the 1 ½ hour long wait in 40 degree weather to actually enter the trail resulted in the biggest craving of hot chocolate that I have ever experienced. Not to mention, the cider was hard to drink in the cold and therefore, chilled my hand in the meantime. After our final scare, the indoor horror maze, the rest of my girlfriends went for the cheese curds, deep fried pickles and hot chocolate and I politely (albeit, sadly) declined. #paleowin

Day 7: Saturday

Saturday resulted in our 1st semi-cheat meal. I’m not going to call it a full on cheat because are choices were still semi-paleo friendly (in theory). I woke up and made some eggs with spinach and mushroom – easy, go to, delicious breakfast. My husband got home from work around 12:30 and we decided to go out for lunch. Now there is a fun conversation on the paleo diet, where do we go? We opted for Buffalo Wild Wings. Our paleo ancestors would definitely be eating meat right off the bones, right? We got buffalo wings with classic buffalo sauce and also tried the lemon pepper dry rub.

The wings were a delicious treat. (Though I know, not completely paleo – but I will try not to think about how they cook the wings.) I also ordered a salad and was pleased to find one of the menu that was accompanied by balsamic vinaigrette. The problem was, I forgot to ask for them to leave the cheese off. I have to get used to making this request as it is now the second time that I have ordered a salad and not been able to eat more than just a couple of bites. I have had no problem cutting dairy in other areas of my life but can’t seem to remember to check for it on salads.

I kid you not…. 10 minutes after finishing our meal and leaving B-Dubs, I got my FIRST stomach ache in 7 days!! The minute amount of cheese that I ate mixed with the way they cook the wings left me hurting. I was surprised that it took so little time to feel the effects of eating bad food. With my IBS, I am used to eating bad food and feeling sick afterwards. But, after implementing this diet – this is the very first day that I experienced a stomach ache. It has been such a nice change to feel good, healthy and pain free for a while.

I can honestly say that before starting this diet, there has not been a SINGLE day in the last 10-years that I haven’t experienced stomach pain or discomfort. I can’t wait to see what the coming weeks, months and years of this diet will bring. It’s hard to imagine a pain free life but I think this is the way to achieve it. #paleowin

And on that happy note, I’m going to save day 8 for tomorrow. But I mastered a fantastic recipe, so come back and read tomorrow to hear all about it!

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