I made a meal! A real meal!

Now, it’s not as if I haven’t ever fed my family before – because I have. But usually, it involves either a microwave or boiling water to cook noodles then pouring in the pre-made can of sauce.

But not tonight – tonight I made chicken breast with sautéed mushroom and zucchini. And you know what? It was DELICIOUS. Yes, I had to google how to make chicken. Yes, I also had to Google whether zucchini and mushrooms taste good together. (I’m so new to this.) AND I had a mild panic attack as olive oil grease was shooting all over the cook top and the counter but once I googled “how to stop a grease fire” everything was fine. (No, there wasn’t a grease fire – I just like to plan ahead and be prepared.)

Now, I’m not saying that I am going to be the next one to sign up for Top Chef. But making that meal, one that actually took effort, was such a fantastic feeling and, it wasn’t even that hard! I have a new found appreciation for cooking and a level of extreme excitement to try new recipes.

Stay tuned for more cooking accomplishments!

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