Day 3: Temptation

I’m a bit late on writing this. Yesterday was a long day at work and then a night filled with frights and fears at the Trail of Terror.

The third day of my paleo implementation was the hardest so far. I’m a Property Manager of a 267 unit apartment building in Saint Paul. Every month, on the second Tuesday, we throw a resident happy hour. Now, you have to know that our happy hour is not a chincy little event with grapes, cheese and two bottles of wine. We go ALL OUT! With usually about 150 – 200 residents in attendance, our events are a big deal. And big events, mean big shopping and lots of food.

The menu contained:

Lunch meat and cheese with fresh baked bread and croissants

Spinach dip & Spinach Artichoke dip with crackers

Veggies with ranch dip

Fruit salad

Fresh baked cookies

And, in the spirit of Halloween, a giant bowl of Milky Way, 3 Mustkateer, Snickers and M&Ms – snack size.

Last, but definitely not least and perhaps the most important – the DRINKS! We had a mixture of beer, wine, mike’s hard lemonade, cider, and more!

This list contains all of my most favorite things. Usually, I look forward to happy hour day all month because 1. I get to nibble on all the delicious food while we get ready and 2. there are leftovers for days. But, this month was different. I knew it would be a hard day so I came to work prepared.

I brought steamed vegetables, a huge salad, and left over eggs w/ mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. I tried to keep myself full of good food so that I wouldn’t reach for the bad (but so good,) food that we were serving. And, it worked!

I made it through the entire 2hour event and the days after without reaching for the junk food.

That is one of many, #paleoproudmoments that I have experienced so far.

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