Day 1: Time for a Change

Note to readers (if there are any): My blog is a couple of days behind actual time. I started writing the blog as word documents – just to hold myself accountable throughout this process. But then I realized, what would hold me even more accountable? Putting it on the internet! When I decided to start the blog online, I didn’t want to leave anything out or start writing 5-days in. So, here we are publishing the blog on a Wednesday when it all started last Sunday.


Weight: 143.8lbs

Day one is not off to a great start, I may have started my morning with a cup of caramel macchiato coffee with a splash (okay, maybe more than a splash) of white chocolate mocha coffee creamer. I’ve decided that though I will give paleo a real effort – I cannot skip my coffee in the morning, especially if I can’t drink soda. Besides, I’m sure it takes a while for the natural energy boost to kick in. I only drink one glass per day, and it is fairly small. So there you have it, I am going to practice paleo in my own rebellious way.

I started reading Paleoista by Nell Stephenson on Friday night. I bought the book months ago along with Paleo for Beginners by John Chatham with the intention of implementing a change much sooner. Like many other earlier “attempts” at being healthier, the book went straight onto the bookshelf. I decided that now is the time. I have been living with IBS since I was 15 and lately, I have more bad days than good. This diet could be the answer to my prayers. I have always had health problems but the difference now is, I am putting on the weight and it doesn’t magically disappear like it has in the past. My clothes are not fitting in the same way, I have no energy, and it is time to fix it. I am currently going to school for criminal justice and it will take me the same amount of time to get a degree that it will take me to get into shape for the fit test. So, here goes nothing – I’ll be blogging maybe daily, maybe weekly, maybe whenever I have time to between school, an 11-year old stepson and a full-time job. I’ll include my progress, my successes and my failures, and my meals.

(Side note: for those who know me, or those who don’t, who will read this and say that I have no weight to lose – that is not the purpose of this journey. HOWEVER, for someone who has been eating bad all my life and not exercising, I am not in shape and it will take a lot of work to get to peak physical fitness.)

Okay, so it is approximately 5 hours after I wrote my initial post above. Implementing this change is going to be hard. It is going to take a lot of self-control.

I woke up this morning and immediately got to work around the house – folding laundry, cleaning out my closet, scrubbing the toilet – so unfortunately, I skipped breakfast.

For lunch, I had pulled chicken (without the bun) with just a touch of Caesar dressing (not Paleo, I know.) But for me, this was a huge victory. ME, the girl who eats Hawaiian rolls in quantities of 4 and molds bread into a ball so it can easily dip into the ranch dressing, skipped the bread. Skipping the bread? That never happens. I also had a large helping of steamed broccoli and cauliflower and edamame. (Didn’t realize that soybeans were on the naughty list – guess I should have read a little farther into the book.) Overall, a healthier lunch choice than I have had in a while, especially on a weekend. For the first time, instead of being left feeling full and uncomfortable, I felt like I could keep eating!

The real trouble came when I went to my aunt’s house for a family dinner. My cousin is home for a visit from Hong Kong, where he has lived for over two years now. Feeding in mass quantities often results in easy, tasty choices (there were about 50 people at this dinner.) The menu included brats, hot dogs, German potato salad, baked beans, brownies, and that really delicious corn beef/cream cheese dip. Needless to say, if my only option was to eat non-paleo or not eat at all.

So, overall I have decided that I will practice paleo in a way that works for me. I will try to strictly follow this plan for 85% of my meals for the week. I will follow the 85:15 plan which allows three non-paleo meals per week. The hardest part for me is going to be cutting out the dips, the dressings, and the condiments. But I am going to give this an honest effort and hopefully, find some improvements along the way.

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