Today on the Tread

I switched up the scenery today. Usually I work out at the gym upstairs in our apartment building. (I say usually as if I have been doing it for years, nope it is a new habit!) Being a one car family and having a dentist appointment this morning, meant that I had to pick up… Continue reading Today on the Tread

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Skinny does NOT mean Healthy

This is the message that I want to share today. I am sharing this message for two reasons, 1. This message is for everyone who mocks me when I say I am going to work out or I started the paleo diet. This is for those who say, "why would you need to work out?" or… Continue reading Skinny does NOT mean Healthy


Day 9 – 13: More progress

Well, its a good thing that commitment to my diet is more reliable than my commitment to write about it. But the good news is, missing so many posts does bring me right up to real time! So here is my progress so far - almost 2 weeks in and zero cheats. Every meal has… Continue reading Day 9 – 13: More progress


Day 8: Paleo is great!

This day was a whirlwind of ingredients, cooking, doing dishes, cooking some more, eating, doing more dishes and EVEN MORE COOKING! I would be okay with every Sunday for the rest of my life being like this. Our good friend, Chris came over to help me learn how to cook. We have a ritual of… Continue reading Day 8: Paleo is great!


Day 6 and 7: I’m in heaven.

So in an effort to catch up with real-time, I am going to try posting more than one day at once. Here goes nothing. Day 6: Friday I worked three 11+ hour days in a row last week so I decided to be a rebel and leave work at 4pm on Friday. (I don’t know… Continue reading Day 6 and 7: I’m in heaven.


Day 5: Progress

Let’s see, what did day 5 bring? More delicious, healthy food! Let me be really honest here when I say that so far, I am shocked at how well I have done. I have tried diets in the past, lots of them. Do you want to know how long “healthy eating,” usually lasts me? 1… Continue reading Day 5: Progress



I made a meal! A real meal! Now, it’s not as if I haven’t ever fed my family before – because I have. But usually, it involves either a microwave or boiling water to cook noodles then pouring in the pre-made can of sauce. But not tonight – tonight I made chicken breast with sautéed… Continue reading Day 4: BIG ACCOMPLISHMENTS!


Day 3: Temptation

I'm a bit late on writing this. Yesterday was a long day at work and then a night filled with frights and fears at the Trail of Terror. The third day of my paleo implementation was the hardest so far. I'm a Property Manager of a 267 unit apartment building in Saint Paul. Every month,… Continue reading Day 3: Temptation


Day 2: Starting to get the hang of this!

Weight: 143.6 Well, I made it through the first 24 hours and it wasn’t that bad. Not even when I got to work and saw the large candy jar on my desk that I had forgotten was there. It also wasn’t that bad when Shawn handed me a can of my favorite purple no carb,… Continue reading Day 2: Starting to get the hang of this!